The Story Behind Discarded (Ausgesetzt) en

Abb. Möbelstücke sind zum Verschenken auf das Strassenland ausgesetzt.

While in Western Europe the terms integration and inclusion have been making headlines, we are actually distancing ourselves regularly from others. We are also busy discarding our „old“ consumer goods. The dynamics of modern life generate a special attraction for everything new. Newly acquired objects are not given the chance to attain the glow of old age. Either they are discarded as garbage before their time or they are left on the sidewalks of our cities for someone else. Discarded objects lead a ghostly existence: they are present, and yet, should not be there. They reflect our guilty conscience and reveal the uselessness of our greedy consumption

In her project Discarded, the photo artist Daniela Finke creates a new-found aesthetic in these abandoned objects. The old familiar household goods once banished to the outside world, gain a fresh appeal. Her recolourization process of the photographed objects lends them a new importance and sophistication. The artist demonstrates an artistic process that transforms the ordinary into the „extra-ordinary“ and brings to life a new kind of art.

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